I’m on my Nimbuz and i ain’t coming down, i’m about to make my momma proud.

Who are we ?

Darknimbuz a multicultural multimedia independent label based in The Netherlands. There are Currently six members signed to the label. Recoding artist ”Cloudy diow”. Producer ”Obey Reilly” & The Mix Mastering Engineer ”Kamilla’.

The label also houses a visual production team that includes. Film Director ”Drop Blanks” & Photographer ”Elena Annastasia”.

With creative projects such as Cloudy Diow’s Ignium EP,  Obey Reilly’s No days off, Drop Blanks’s Studio Nights Video, Elena Annastasia’s intriguing photoshoots, And Kamilla sound engineering journey. The adventuress road trips to Denmark for a international writings camp, to private writing camps organized in The ardennes.Dark Nimbuz  have something special to offer the world, and will continue creating for it is their passion. Their first love, and simply because.

Join the Nimbuz

The Dark Nimbus is a magical cloud that appears in Dragon Ball anime as an alternate version of the more widely-known Flying Nimbus Unlike the Flying Nimbus, the Dark Nimbus can carry people of an impure nature. Much like the Flying Nimbus, its primary function is a mode of transportation for one or more people. Presumably, it can also be used to carry cargo if the need arises. It looks exactly like the Flying Nimbus, but instead of gold, it is dark purple in color.