elena annastasia


Creative workflow

Elena Annastasia was interested in photography from an early age. When she was only fourteen years old, she picked up her mothers camera, because it made her curious. 

In the beginning she took photo’s of friends. Quickly she developed her skills, this was when she decided to study photography. In one year she completed the education and chose to develop her skills further, with a media and design study. 

Throughout this journey she found out that capturing people their stories in pictures is what she is passioned about. Also capturing a vibe in certain situations, such as concerts, studiosessions and parties is what Elena specializes in.

 In 2019 Elena joined Dark Nimbus as part of the visual team. Together with Dropblanks, she is responsible for the group’s visual department, the photos and social media performances.



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Join the Nimbuz

The Dark Nimbus is a magical cloud that appears in Dragon Ball anime as an alternate version of the more widely-known Flying Nimbus Unlike the Flying Nimbus, the Dark Nimbus can carry people of an impure nature. Much like the Flying Nimbus, its primary function is a mode of transportation for one or more people. Presumably, it can also be used to carry cargo if the need arises. It looks exactly like the Flying Nimbus, but instead of gold, it is dark purple in color.